Beach Gary 2016

Lounging for President

In the grand ol’ tradition of spokespeople jumping on the election bandwagon, Beach Gary is running for president! Or in his case, lounging for president… Possibly in a hammock. Or maybe a beach chair.

Join the True Beach Lover revolution and lounge for a future you can believe in.
A future with MORE BEACH.

Meet Beach Gary

a #Truebeachlover Among True Beach Lovers

Once upon a time, Beach Gary was a #TrueBeachLover just like you – with a dream… A few extra days of paid vacation and maybe, like, two or three more margaritas.

It was a simple dream. Yet it’s what propelled him to venture from the warm Caribbean sunlight to the still-pretty-warm-but-not-quite-as-chillaxing political spotlight.

But Beach Gary wasn’t always a politician.

Actually, he’s still not. He’s an unofficial, fictional spokesperson for – your go-to website for booking the best Caribbean and Mexico beach vacations.

Did you read this far? Sand castle. Banana hammock. Sunburned upper thigh. Didn’t think so.

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Here’s Beach Gary’s non-specific, vague and jargon-filled plan for More Beach.

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True Beach Lovers aren’t exactly known for wearing shirts – let alone a campaign button ON a shirt – but you probably could use some of this stuff anyways. Pin your pride on your bikini top or swim trunks. But watch those pricks, Beach Lovers.

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